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googleimage's Journal

Google Image Search
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Google Image Searching.

Everyone does it. You know you do, too, when you're trying to find pictures - for a school project, or maybe an LJ icon, or maybe just to post in some forum somewhere.

And everyone knows what complete oddities can be found when you do it. You search for "dog," you get a picture of a chipmunk with a huge machine gun. A search on "huge gun" brings you a very gorgeous view of a lake in France.

But don't be frustrated by these random Google Image findings. Celebrate them. In fact, post them in this community, so you can share the glory with others!!

- Put large images [over 250x250 pixels] behind an LJ-cut.
- All obscene images [blood and guts and gore, nudity, etc.] must be put behind a cut, with a warning about the contents.
- Have some freakin' fun already.